A kitchen full of luxury

Modern and refined kitchen. We took care of the beautiful form and the combination of the highest quality materials with perfect workmanship.
Material: light chestnut wood, selected granite, and timeless black, in exceptional depth.

Sublime kitchen furniture

A kitchen that is a perfect complement to a modern residence.
Materials: wood rustic oak, white gloss deep, natural granite, brushed.

Tradition with freshness

The kitchen, which is an integral part of the living room and dining room. Thanks to many years of experience, we have combined in a unique way: kitchen furniture, with a library and with sites in the dining room and the living room.
Material: oak wood, glass

Modern interior of the apartment

A kitchen with an island perfectly composed with an entrance and a modern site.
Material: amazakue wood, glass, steel, quartz sinter and timeless white in deep gloss.

Modern and refined kitchen

A kitchen that uniquely combines elegance with modernity.
Materials: wood walnut, granite, steel and glass.


GutConcept - the art of creating furniture

We create furniture based on the latest technology to ensure high quality products, but the hands of our experienced professionals give the details an individual form, unattainable for other manufacturers. Infected with the passion of creating furniture, we do not introduce ready-made, duplicated designs, but we realize individual orders, thanks to which you can be sure that our furniture is unique and unique, created for each of you.

Paweł Gut - owner


Modern interior of the apartment

Sophisticated combination of classic and modern

more implementation

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